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Club Policies- Please read before you sign up to be a member!!!



 For the safety of our members and the well being of this club, our founders/ administrators  reserve the right to reject any applicant for membership if deemed objectionable in any manner according to our  ** Standards of Acceptance**



To be eligible for membership in our Jeep Crew,  these stipulations will apply. 


1. Must have a valid Driver's License and up to date Insurance.

2. Must not have a criminal record of any kind including any drug or alcohol related offense or be on a sex offender's list.  

3.  We accept all JEEP models; however,  it must be 4 wheel drive,  fully capable of off-road travel.  Jeep's appearance must not be of low aesthetic value;  rusted out, loose or hanging parts, broken windshields,  badly dented body,  busted  head or tail lights or displaying rude or vulgar banners or decals.  It MUST be in sound, mechanical condition,; with good brakes and tires, smooth working transmission, no major oil or water leaks,  no smoking engine or carburetor or fuel line problems...etc. 


Health and Safety:   

We take every precaution to make sure our rides are safe and enjoyable for everyone participating. However if you or one of your passengers has a medical condition that might put you or them at risk of a life threatening situation, please make us aware of it. If we feel a particular ride or event might prove compromising to your health we will ask you to use your best  judgement in determining if you should participate or not. (Please be aware that  many of the trails we travel are in very remote areas where there are no cell phone services or emergency vehicle access. ) The Jeep Crew and its administrators assume no liability for bodily injury, illness or death of anyone that participates in our rides or club events.




We are a family-friendly club that strives to maintain a safe, peaceful environment for our members while they are participating in our club's activities. Therefore we ask that you conduct yourself in manner that is not rude, offensive or inconsiderate of other Crew Members. This also pertains to our social media..Please do not use strong profanity, make threats or harass fellow club members in posts on our Club's Facebook page.


Offenses and 

their penalties:

We do not condone drama of any kind; either club related or personal  between members if it interferes with club activities. If you have an issue with a club administration or fellow member please address it in a discreet manner. Do not post it on our Facebook page or openly confront someone at  our rides or events. If you have issues with a fellow member while on our rides or at our events, and are afraid to discuss it with them, please let us know. We will try to help resolve the issue if at all possible - Violent, obscene or threatening behavior will result in either a 30 day suspension or permanent removal from the club, as determined by a majority vote of our BOD.


Alcohol & Fire Arms:

The use of alcohol is not permitted during rides, but is permitted at the campground areas of the State and National Parks we visit. Be responsible and don't drive if you drink. Have a designated driver.~~~~ Only registered gun owners with certified carry permits are  allowed to have guns on our rides.  For the comfort and safety of our members we ask that you do not display your weapons openly and that you keep them safely out of reach of children. 



We love our Jeep dogs and welcome members Pets, but we ask that you keep them under your full control at all times.  We want our members to feel comfortable and at ease, so please do not bring 'overly aggressive' animals to our rides or events or you will be asked to leave. The Jeep Crew assumes no responsibility or liability for member's pets that are lost, stolen, injured or involved in confrontations with other animals or people during our club activities. 



Terms of  Membership:

By applying for membership **you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted our club policies and have a strong desire to be actively involved in our club activities.  As an official member you will be issued a membership card that can be used to obtain club discounts at specific Jeep products/services businesses . (You can pick up your card at any of our rides or events. )  A list of the businesses participating in our club discount program will be e-mailed to you after your registration has been processed and approved. 

 You are not required to participate in ALL of our rides and events, but we ask that as an "official" member you would be pro active in promoting our club and encouraging membership growth.  


VOLUNTEERISM is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.  Let us know if you want to help with any of our club functions. If you possess any specific skills you think could benefit our club in some way please contact us. 



 After signing up to be a Member, PLEASE ALLOW 2 - 3 DAYS FOR A CONFIRMATION  REPLY. 

If you are not seeing an e-mailed confirmation of your membership status after 3 days  your SPAM filter may be on. Check your trash or deleted mail folders. 







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